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Kadinsky Coffeeshop in Amsterdam with Rosie Red

Since adolescence, I have understood that I am a different boy from most of my peers. I was a somewhat introverted person who could only speak well with very few people and who was uncomfortable among strangers or in very noisy places.

For this reason, I have always been uncomfortable with disco nights. I didn’t like going to places full of people and with music at a very high volume. I also detested those kinds of music, and I didn’t understand what was interesting about squirming for hours at the rhythm of that garbage.

But I wanted to meet some Amsterdam escort girls, and I was convinced that the only way to do it was to go to these places with my friends. But each time I felt too uncomfortable and there were only two things I could do: try to get bored as soon as possible to lose all fear and try to dance (but I was the person who drove, so I couldn’t drink too much), or look for a quiet place in the disco (impossible) and get bored until the evening is over.

In short, I was not too social, and I preferred to stay in some quiet place and smoke some joint relaxing, rather than destroying my eardrums in those places.

Kadinsky Coffee shop Zoutsteeg 14, 1012 LX Amsterdam

Amsterdam has always been a city that fascinated me, and I managed to live there for a few months thanks to a university exchange, and I immediately identified my favorite coffee shop, the Kadinsky which is located in Zoutsteeg 14, 1012 LX. The Kadinsky is a difficult place to find, and for this reason, it is not very popular but, being small, it is difficult at certain times to find a free table.

Kadinsky best Coffee shop Amsterdam

Prices are higher than average, but weed quality is very high. Kadinsky has, therefore, become my favorite coffee shop, and I frequent it often with a hot Amsterdam escort.

I don’t want to live forever in Amsterdam, so it’s not right for me to try to have a relationship with a girl. The escort girls are the solution to this problem: I pay a beautiful girl, she comes where I want, and we have sex realizing all my dreams. I had never met a girl who agreed to do facial cumshot, but my favorite escort Rosie Red, loves him, and we always do it.

Our typical evening starts with erotic games at the hotel, then smoking weed and eating sweets at Kadinsy, then having sex in the hotel with a hot final cumshot. Rosie loves Kadinky, and I find that she hates nightclubs and crowded places too. She really is my soul mate escort! Spending time in the coffee shop has become a ritual for us, and we can’t imagine our evening without having spent at least an hour in the club. The staff knows us, and now we have become friends.

Best coffeeshop Kadinsky in Amsterdam

Guys, follow my advice, avoid the crowded coffee shops and choose the Kadinsky: great weed, relaxed atmosphere, good times, and great memories!

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  • Last mounth I was to Coffeeshop Kadinsky and this is my favorite coffee shop now. How can and I go there with one of your hot escorts? Is it possible go there to have funn and after in the hotel room?

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