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Jennifer Amsterdam escort life story interview

Jennifer escort Amsterdam interview

I recently saw on Netflix a fascinating documentary, called “After Porn Ends,” which talks about some top stars in the world of porn, and their lives after their career in porn cinema ended. I have already spoken to some girls who worked in the field, and I know that that job has few job opportunities after its end. And the people interviewed were top names in the industry, people paid a lot for each film.

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I thought about the escorts, and I would like to know their plans for the future. Theirs is a lesser-known work than the porn star, the competition is enormous, and at 25, you are considered “old.”

I wanted to talk about this with today’s girl, Jennifer Amsterdam escort.

Jennifer is a beautiful blonde girl with a bright smile and a lovely body. She is 23 years old, and for many girls escorts, that age is the beginning of the end. At that age, a girl can’t be MILF, and teenagers are extreme competition.

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Jennifer Amsterdam babe anal sex escort hotel service

Jennifer was pleased to talk to me, and we organized a meeting near the Royal Palace on a beautiful sunny day.

Jennifer had sandals, a miniskirt, and a tank top. She was tanned and seductive, and I understand why customers are happy to pay to touch her body.

“Hi, Jennifer, thank you for your time.”

“Thanks to you, I’m glad someone is interested in my story.”

“Well, let’s start with the main question. Your work has an expiration date, right?”

“All work that is based on physical appearance has an expiration date. We are all getting old, and we can’t stop it. We can only slow down aging, but it’s a race against time. Some friends are scared of this fact, and they’re trying to make as much money as possible, but I’m not interested in doing it. “


“The answer can be very displeasing. I’m not interested in being an escort forever, and I’m happy to quit soon.”

“I do not understand.”

“I started doing this job at 18, to get money to pay for my studies, and I’m still doing it for this reason. I’m paying for my university, and as soon as I finish my studies, I’ll retire.”

“What are you studying?”

“Art. I can draw very well, and I dream of being a painter.”

“Didn’t you try to look for other jobs, like the waitress? Why did you choose to be an escort?”

“Yes, I tried to look for other jobs. For a few months, I worked in an ice cream parlor and in a bar, but the pay was too low for the time I spent. I didn’t have time to study, and it wasn’t worth it.”

“What about escort work?”

“Well, I like having sex, especially with young and beautiful people, so that aspect of the work is interesting. I gathered information on the web and discovered that many girls who do this work earn what I would have earned in three months of work in the full-time ice cream shop. And they can choose customers and manage their time. It was perfect for me. “

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“So the reasons are money and time?”

“Exactly, it’s useless to have so much free time and little money, and at the same time have a lot of money and a short time to spend it or to do anything is useless. I want to finish my studies, and the job of an escort allows me to do it. It’s not the work that would make my parents proud and a possible boyfriend, and I don’t want to do it forever. “

“Why? What are the negative aspects?”

“I can choose customers, it’s true. But I can’t refuse them all, the people I can refuse are very few every month, and in some cases, I had sex with people I didn’t like for money. This doesn’t make me proud. And I have “I talked about my work with my parents. I’m not happy at all. I know I disappointed them, and I want to graduate for them too. They worked hard for me, and they deserve this satisfaction.”

“Are there any other negative aspects?”

“Yes, it’s a job that wears out the body. I’m not a pornstar, so I don’t have to put up with the stress of extended scenes, giant cocks, vaseline and dildo in the ass to widen the asshole and other things. But having sex for hours is exhausting even if the client has an average dick, and on some days I really don’t want to have sex with someone. Sex is like a cake, a slice is delicious, but eating a whole one causes indigestion. “

“Are you impatient to finish your studies?”

“I want to do my job, paint, and think about art. The sooner, the better. I already have a series of paintings in mind.”

Jennifer Amsterdam escort agency
Jennifer Amsterdam escort agency

“What series?”

“Erotic art, but I don’t want to exaggerate with nudes or take ideas from my job as an escort. I might not even be successful and go back to being an escort, or do it only part-time with clients who pay more, I don’t know yet. “

“Erotic art could be interesting.”

“Don’t get me wrong, being an escort is pleasant. Heck, they pay me for sex, it’s a fantastic job at certain times, but I don’t want to do it forever. I also want a family, and it’s hard to find a guy who accepts my style of life. I want to be known for my designs and not for my body. “

“I see. I’m glad you have a plan for your retirement.”

“If everything does not work, I already have a Plan B.”

“What plan B?”

“I will go back to being an escort. But only with a few customers and no agencies.”

Jennifer greets and drawing for me a small self-portrait and a caricature of mine. I’m the worst artist in the world, but I have to admit that Jennifer is really talented.

I hope you succeed, I want to see her erotic art paintings in the most important museums.

If you want to have sex with Jennifer as long as she is an escort you can find her at the Roemer hotel. Hurry up, Jennifer is waiting for you.

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