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Sex has many nuances, some more classic and romantic, others more hardcore escort service, and able to bring people to overcome all their physical and psychological limits in order to realize even the most extreme fantasies. We believe that everything is legitimate in sex, provided that you have the consent of your partner, and that no one should ever be judged for their sexual fantasies. We know that many customers have decidedly strange and over the top fantasies, and we have decided to satisfy them by creating a service that has caused a lot of scandals, the Giving Hardsports Amsterdam Escort Service Agency.

If you are a fan of extreme sex, then you will have already understood what type of service we want to offer to all our customers. At the same time, if you do not know what this service is, then read on, and we are sure that we will be able to arouse your curiosity and to give birth to the desire to prove at least once that Giving Hardsports Amsterdam Escort Service Agency.

Who knows, maybe you have had this desire within you for a long time, and now the time has finally come to satisfy it!

Read on, your journey into this world of strange and highly transgressive sex has just begun, and we are ready to accompany you along this path with this incredible escort extra service!

Giving Hardsports Amsterdam Escort Service Agency: How it works?

The first thing to know about the Giving Hardsports Escort Amsterdam Service Agency is that it is a service definitely not suitable for everyone. In fact, this service was created to satisfy the requests of a very particular clientele, which has a specific fetishism for human feces. Yes, you read that right, the human feces.

The feces can be exciting for these people, who appreciate the feeling of power that they can shit on the chosen escort and see their feces on the perfect body of a beautiful woman. The chosen escort can play with feces, and in some cases, even eat them. The limit is definitely exceeded in this service, which is very expensive, but we are proud to be one of the very few Amsterdam escort agencies to offer it to our customers. Sex is always legitimate, and we have decided to satisfy every type of request, even the strangest and most controversial, and nobody will ever be judged for their fetish.

We advise you to think carefully about this service and to prepare yourself with appropriate food to be able to defecate on the body of the escort you have chosen. Only the best escort girls, the ones without any kind of limit, have decided to accept this service, and you will have the incredible privilege of finally being able to realize a fantasy that only very few men admit to having and that even fewer people can achieve.

If you love controversy, sex with feces, and destroy every single taboo in society, then we will be your accomplices in your mission, giving you the best possible girl for your Giving Hardsports Amsterdam Service Escort Agency.

Dominate the girl you chose with your stool and have fun with this escort service!

To be able to use this extra service, select the escort you like, and tell us that you have chosen the Giving Hardsports Amsterdam Escort Service Agency, and we will inform you if the girl you have chosen offers this service, and, if not, we will suggest the best girl for your request.

Please tell us where and when to perform this service, and we will organize everything. We can promise you already that it will be a sexual experience you will never forget!

Giving Hardsports Amsterdam Escort Service Agency: Things to do

– No sexual services are provided in this service. If you want to have sex, you also need to buy high packages, such as anal sex or the basic package with regular sex and condom blowjob.

– Make sure you don’t have diarrhea before doing this service.

– You can try asking the escort you have chosen if he also wants to do the coprophagia, but you will have to pay a very high extra amount.

– Hygiene and cleanliness must be at the top of this escort service. Make sure that the escort you have hired has the opportunity to wash immediately after the end of the service and give her clean towels, soap, and a bathrobe. Disinfectant is also very welcome.

– For hygiene reasons, this service can only be performed in a hotel room.

Giving Hardsports Amsterdam Escort Service Agency: Things not to do.

This service is definitely over the top, controversial, and there are so many things not to do in order not to risk ruining everything. You have just read our tips for excellent service, while now the time has come to find out what not to do.

– You cannot have sex during this escort service. Please don’t ask the girl if you haven’t bought other escort services.

– The girl could play with your feces. If this happens, remember that she will move the feces and spread it on her body.

– Please don’t force the escort girl to do something she doesn’t want to do. This service is optional, and the escort girls all have individual limits. You can tell us what you want to do and we will suggest the girl who suits your needs the most.

– You cannot defecate near or on the girl’s private parts for hygienic reasons.

– It is absolutely not possible to take photos or videos during your Amsterdam escort experience and in this escort service.

– Maximum hygiene and respect for the girl escort you hired.

– If you don’t have soap and towels, buy them immediately. The use of disposable gloves is also welcome. Try to take all precautions to minimize the risk of infections for the escort girl.

We wish you a great night and please enjoy this Giving Hardsports Amsterdam Escort Service with our girls from our Escort Agency!

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