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Best Foot Fetish Amsterdam Escort Service

If you ask a man what the sexiest body part of a woman is, you will get a lot of different answers. There will be people who go crazy for the face, or for the eyes. Most men lose control when they see a nice pair of boobs, or for a beautiful ass or long, tapered legs. But there is a part of the human body that has a hidden charm: the feet. There are tons of men who love women’s feet and find them incredibly sexy, and so many women like to get her feet kissed and licked during sex. Foot fetishism is a secret pleasure for many of our customers, and to satisfy them, we have decided to create a brand new service called Foot Fetish Amsterdam Escort Service Agency.

If you love beautiful female feet, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on and find out all you can do to make all your most secret dreams come true thanks to this incredible extra service that our Amsterdam escort agency is proud to present to all our customers!

The feet of our girls are waiting for you, do not waste any more time and book this service immediately!

Foot Fetish Amsterdam Escort Service Agency: How It Works?

Foot fetishism is a reality that is enjoying increasing success. The female foot is a part of the sensual body that attracts many men. A foot fetishist (or a woman who loves to get her feet licked) takes pleasure in touching, licking and sucking a woman’s feet, and it is also possible to get masturbated with bare feet, or by women who also wear high heels or sandals.

Our service is designed to satisfy all the requests of our customers who want to kiss, lick, and have sex with the feet of our beautiful Amsterdam escort babes. We have personally selected the agency’s best-footed girls, who take care of their nails and regularly do pedicure sessions so that they are always ready to get their feet licked, only for our best customers, and we decided to create this excellent service.

What can you do in our Foot Fetish Amsterdam Escort Service Agency? Our girls are available to all your requests, and the only limit is your imagination! For example, you can kiss every single toe of the chosen girl, or lick it like candy. And how about licking the sole of the foot? You will be able to kiss them, touch them, and even let you walk on them.

And, for those who really want strong emotions, there is nothing better than a beautiful footjob to orgasm.

What is a footjob? It is about masturbation, but the girl will not use her hand, but her beautiful feet. We can assure you that you have never tried anything like this, and that footjob represents the true climax of the Foot Fetish Amsterdam Escort Agency Service, and that it is the real paradise of the foot fetishist. You could also make hot cumshots on the feet of the escort, who can wear high heels, open sandals, shoes of all kinds, or be barefoot. The choice is yours, the only limit is your imagination!

To use this service, simply select the girl who attracts your attention and communicate your decision, indicating that you want to make the Foot Fetish Escort Amsterdam Service Agency. We will prepare the booking for you, tell us where and when to perform this service, and think only of all the things you can do with your beautiful escort babe and her feet!

Book this service immediately, the feet of our Amsterdam escort girls are waiting for you!

Foot Fetish Amsterdam Escort Service Agency: Things to do

The escort service is very hot and can really trigger a man’s hormones. We have decided to establish some simple rules to guarantee a first quality service to all our customers. Here are the things to do to have excellent service:

– In this service, you will not be able to have sex, but you will be able to have fun with the feet of the girl you have chosen. Footjob is an extra service that you can have with the payment of a little extra, but that some girls can also offer free. You can cum on her feet, but first, ask the girl if it’s possible.

– If you want the girl to wear special shoes, you can buy them, or ask the escort babe if she has a similar shoe model.

– The escort you choose will have to wash their feet thoroughly before performing the service. Give the escort babe soap, clean towels, and a chance to wash before running the escort service.

– Don’t be afraid to ask for some particular activity that includes girls’ feet. They are at your disposal, and this is the right opportunity to realize all your sexual fantasies based on the feet.

Foot Fetish Amsterdam Escort Service: Things to Avoid

This service will allow you to realize your sexual fantasies based on women’s feet. You have a great deal of freedom of choice in the things you can do; however, some things are best avoided in order not to compromise the quality of this service. Here is a small list of things that are best not done during the Foot Fetish Amsterdam Escort Service Agency:

– Do not ask to have sex if you have not purchased other services besides this.

– You have great freedom of choice in the things you can do, but you can’t bite the girls’ feet.

– It is not possible to ask for sadomasochistic performances in this service, such as kicking the testicles.

– Ask the escort girl if you can cum on her feet if she performs the footjob.

– You cannot take photos and videos during this service and throughout your Amsterdam escort experience.

We wish you an excellent time with your escort girl enjoying the Foot Fetish Amsterdam Escort Service Agency!

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