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Escort Girl In Amsterdam, 25 years old from Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Grace is a friendly GFE girl, relaxed and a super body that you need to relax with. If you will take heknows a nice room with a large bed she will teach you to use every single inch from it.
She know hot to make you collaborate with her from the first caressed, hughed and aroused each other standing for the bed.
She loved to be undressed her and licked her warm and sweet taste downunder, and she knows how to reward you for it.
She also like toe talk and give you little, kisses and listen you.
You will have a super time with her, here in Amsterdam. Call and make from this day an unforgettable one with the best blonde escort in Amsterdam!


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Overall Rating: 4.9
    Sweed blonde lady!

    By: Orhan | 2 years ago

    Grace is a lovely and sweet lady. I met her three months ago and last week again. Excellent service, hope to see her soon again. Thank you!

    Sex and funn in Amsterdam!!!

    By: Greg | 2 years ago

    I had the great pleasure to be with Grace in Amsterdam. I spent a few hours of dreaming with her, and after she was applying me a crazy sex game, we went out to Amsterdam center at the Banana Bar. Grace is an accomplished dancer, and she knows how to raise your adrenaline level and make you want her again and again. She’s by far the most beautiful and hot woman I’ve ever been. Thank you for the best night in Amsterdam!


    By: Volker | 2 years ago

    Hi, was Grace a porn model in the past? I remember her and I would like to meet her ..I come 26.01.-28.01. to Amsterdam and could meet her on 27.01. – is it possible?
    Greetings Volker

      By: Admin | 2 years ago

      Yes she works as web cam model, fashion model too!
      Please give us a call on 26.01 because we can`t presume now if she will be free after one mounth!
      Thank you!

    Love wet pussy!

    By: Valentino | 1 year ago

    When I saw her pictures, I knew she was the one I want to be with her. My greatest pleasure is to lick the pussy and see that she likes to hear with gems of joy. Grace has a sweet and nice pussy to touch and quickly dries what I liked the best. I love you, Grace!

    Best Blonde!

    By: David | 12 months ago

    I two words, she is an extraordinary woman! I spent two amazing hours with Grace. She arrived in about 30 minutes from the moment I sent the confirmation of the hotel room and from the moment she entered through the door, she was very friendly and very quickly she introduced me to a fantasy world that I had already created before to reach her. I spent two hours of dream, pleasure, and ecstasy with an extraordinary blonde. I highly recommend her services. I want to meet her again. Thanks

    Thank you!

    By: Sereno | 10 months ago

    I met Grace, and she was the perfect girl. I went out with my friends to a club, then my increased hormone level, few drinks, and some cookies, it gave me the courage to call to invite her to my room :)). She is even more beautiful than I was expecting in reality. I enjoyed every minute as she is an amusing and easy-going, babe. Thank you!