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Stunning Spanish escort gives the girlfriend experience of a lifetime

I was his favorite Spanish Escort and he was so eager to get started he picked me up early, apparently, he had a surprise for me, and he wanted to get a head start on the traffic. Gregg was a regular client of mine through Angels of London, he was older than me by a few years and he’d always treated me like a princess, and in return, I always treated him just as special.

It was a sunny bank holiday morning and I’d chosen to wear a white floaty blouse and a denim mini skirt that would show off my beautifully tanned long legs. I knew that Gregg loved my legs, so whenever the opportunity arose for me to show them off, I made sure I did in style.

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He pulled up outside my apartment and his face lit up when he saw me, I loved how he always looked at me like I was the best thing on earth and his eyes were practically undressing me already. He was a horny man and I loved that my young body did things to him that no other woman could. I knew that he loved my long dark hair, my slender toned body, and my pretty brown eyes. He was always complimenting me on how beautiful he thought I was, and it made me feel sexier than ever when I was in his company.

I leaped into his car, ready and excited for the day ahead, he still hadn’t told me what we were doing, and I couldn’t take the massive smile off my face. We drove for just over an hour and we finally pulled up at our destination. I peeped out of the window and couldn’t control my excitement when I realized, we’d arrived at a cute seaside town. Peeping out of the window once more, I saw miles and miles of golden sand and the stunning blue ocean miles out from land. It was as though we were not in the UK anymore and the sunshine just made it more perfect.

We set up camp on the beach and spent the morning lazing together in the sun, it felt sweet and natural as we lay there relaxing together. His hand would often graze the skin on my lower back, or he’d reach over and pull me in for a gentle kiss. It felt amazing, it felt like I was his girlfriend and I adored how amazing he made me feel.

After spending the morning in the sun, we decided to hire a boat and took a tour on a nearby lake, it turned me on how good he was driving and it made me feel special when he taught me how to steer it. I found myself cuddling up close to him and enjoying the wind blowing through my hair. He looked at me like I was the most precious thing on the planet, and I couldn’t wait until we had some alone time.

Later, we decided to take a hike through the sand dunes, and we found ourselves laying in a secluded spot. Gregg had placed a towel below us, his arms were wrapped around me as we kissed one another, his tongue delicately filled my mouth and his hands slowly caressed the skin on my thighs. - Amsterdam's Babes Girls Escorts Search Engine

I could feel my pussy getting wet, even his gentle touches sent shivers through my body and my nipples were becoming hard under my blouse. His big finger traced the outline of my perky nipple through my blouse and his other hand found its way up my little skirt.

He was gently teasing my pussy, dipping his finger in and out of me with hard yet slow thrusts. I opened my legs wider allowing his hand to get further access to my vagina. He started pressing his finger inside me harder and rougher and his other hand covered my mouth as my gasps became louder and more erotic. My legs were spread wide open, I couldn’t get enough of his firm hands fucking me hard, I wanted his penis. I wanted to feel him inside me.

I pulled his hand from my pussy and rolled over on top of him. I bent down and placed my lips against his. My sweet tongue found his and I ravished his mouth, quickly undoing his zip and pulling his hard cock out as I went. I pulled up my mini skirt and pulled my sexy French panties to the side so that I could slide my wet pussy hole straight down onto his rock- solid penis. I heard him moan as his dick filled my pussy. He felt so big inside me and I felt amazing and full as his massive cock filled every inch of my vagina.

I started to bounce on him, slowly at first and then building up speed, rocking back and forward on his cock as my tits bounced in his face. I couldn’t get enough of him, I wanted him to fuck me all day long, but I knew we had to be quick. Although we were in a secluded spot, I knew we could be stumbled upon at any moment by a hiker or a dog walker. So, I moved, I rammed my pussy down harder and harder onto his dick, I heard my arse cheeks slapping against him as I rammed my pussy over and over on his bulging cock.

He grabbed onto my tiny waist as I fucked him, and I could feel myself about to cum all over his giant cock. I gave one last bounce and I felt his cum spurting inside me, filling my pussy as I came all over his cock. A massive orgasm laced through my body until I collapsed on top of his strong body.

He wrapped his arms around me as we lay there panting and exhausted in the sand dunes. I’d had one of the best days of my life and I knew he had too!

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