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The moment of ejaculation is the climax of pleasure for every man, it is the best time of sexual intercourse with an escort, and we are sure that most men have dreamed of taking a cumshot like those seen in porn movies. But there is also another beautiful way of having a great ejaculation, a way to dominate the escort you have chosen and to make sure that she never forgets who you are and the sex you have had. This way is the CIM – Cum In Mouth Escort Amsterdam Service Agency, and it is the service that will allow you to cross the line, and to enter an extreme territory, populated by transgression and secret pleasures.

Many of our customers have asked us for a long time to create a similar service, and, after talking with our Amsterdam escort babes, we decided to please them, creating an over the edge, controversial and transgressive service, which we are sure will allow you to experience many unforgettable moments and to realize one of your most recurring erotic fantasies, that of cum in the mouth of one of our Amsterdam escort babes.

If you are interested in our CIM – Cum In Mouth Escort Service Agency, then continue reading this article, and you will have all the necessary information to understand if this service is what you are looking for to make the moment of your ejaculation unique after having sex with one of our beautiful top-class Amsterdam escort babes.

CIM – Cum In Mouth Amsterdam Escort Service Agency: How it Works?

Cum in the mouth of a woman is a gesture that many men appreciate, and which also excites women a lot. It involves shooting sperm into the woman’s mouth after having sex or after receiving oral sex. Sperm will fill the woman’s mouth, tongue, and throat, and the woman will feel the acidity and sweetness of your seminal fluid inside her mouth intensely. You will have the wonderful feeling of filling it with sperm, and we believe there can be no better way to end a sexual relationship or a beautiful blowjob.

To have this beautiful moment within your Escort Amsterdam experience, you have to select the sexy escort babe with whom you want to have sex from our wide selection of sensual women ready to do anything to keep you entertained all night. Choose the woman who most attracts your attention and don’t be afraid to make mistakes, because all our girls are perfect and always know what to do to transform a typical night of sex into the best experience of your life!

After selecting the escort you want, you must purchase the service or services that you will want to do with her. You can buy the basic package with regular sex and blowjob with condom, or customize your night with an escort by choosing the services you like from our huge catalog. After you have selected the services you want to do with our escort, tell us that you also want to have the CIM – Cum In Mouth Escort Service Agency, and we will communicate it to the girl you have chosen.

Using this escort service will give you the privilege of being able to remove your condom just before orgasm, put your cock in our girlfriend’s mouth and cum in her mouth. This is a privilege that is really reserved for a few people, and we are sure that you deserve to enter this inner circle of people who appreciate our escort babes and who deserve only the best we can offer.

Do not miss this excellent opportunity to have our CIM – Cum In Mouth Escort Service Agency at the end of your sexual relationship, and we are sure you will never forget it!

CIM – Cum In Mouth Escort Service Amsterdam Agency: What to do?

Our CIM – Cum In Mouth Service Escort Agency is a service that has generated controversy, and that has been received with great pleasure by all our customers. We have established a series of rules to guarantee the highest quality of service and to protect the health of escorts girls. Thanks to your collaboration, we will be able to maintain the highest quality of this escort service.

Here’s what to do:

– The service is created as an integration for other services where sexual performance can take place. For example, you can integrate it with the basic package with regular sex and blowjob with a condom, or with anal sex. The choice is yours. This service is not designed to be purchased alone.

– Your hygiene must be maximum before having sex, and sexual intercourse or blowjob must be done using condoms. Under no circumstances are girls allowed to have sex or have oral sex without a condom.

– The agency staff may ask you for medical tests before accepting the purchase of this service. The reason for this request is only to protect our escort from the slightest risk. There are sexual diseases that can prevent her from working and compromise her health, and we want to do everything we can to prevent it.

CIM – Cum In Mouth Amsterdam Escort Service Agency

You have just read our advice on things to do during this service. Here are the things not to do to avoid compromising the quality of the escort service.

– In no case is it allowed to take photos or shoot videos during the provision of the service, and, in general, during your entire escort experience with the girl, you have hired.

– The escort girl will receive your sperm in her mouth, but she is not forced to swallow it. He could do it with the payment of an extra fee, but it is an optional service, and no girl is obliged to do it. Don’t force the girl to swallow your sperm if she doesn’t want to.

– Maximum education and respect. The CIM – Come In Mouth Escort Service Agency is a service reserved only for our best customers. Respect the rules and the girls, and you will have an unforgettable service.

We wish you a great pleasure with our CIM – Come In Mouth Escort Service from our escort agency!

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