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Basjoe Coffeeshop Amsterdam with Camelia

Basjoe Coffeeshop Amsterdam

Over the years, my evening in the Amsterdam coffee shops has become not only a tradition but my way of canceling the stress and giving me an evening just for me. I love going to these places, smoking some joints, drinking coke, listening to music, and relaxing.

When I’m in the coffee shop, I got into the habit of turning off the phone and not being traceable. Work and social notifications can wait for the end of my evening.

I visited all the Amsterdam coffeeshops, and my favorite is without a doubt, the Basjoe, located in Kloveniersburgwal 62, 1012 CX. I love the atmosphere of the place and the fact that we can find excellent weed at reasonable prices. The Basjoe has become my favorite coffee shop, and I attend it alone or with a beautiful escort.

In fact, right now, I’m single, and I have no desire for a stable relationship with a girl. No, at the moment I only want two things: having sex and having no problems.

The only way to get both at once is to hire an escort, and that’s precisely what I did. I had sex with the most beautiful escorts in Amsterdam, and I had beautiful moments, and in this case, too, over time I have selected only the best escorts, and the best is undoubtedly the lovely Amsterdam young escort Camelia, a sexy babe who has become my obsession.

Camelia is intelligent, creative, knows how to listen and is fantastic in bed. I can’t stop thinking about what I can do with her the next time we have sex, and she’s always thrilled to do extra services just for me.

My evenings with Camellia are always beautiful, and start with a dinner in a famous restaurant in Amsterdam, like “Vinkeles,” then continue with a few hours of fun at the Basjoe coffeeshop. Camelia loves this place very much for its relaxed and friendly atmosphere. She doesn’t like to smoke joints but eats the space cake. When I am with Camelia, I smoke a little and what I am interested in doing is spending most of my time with her, talking and planning what we will do in bed. Camelia is very good at understanding what I want during sex and doing it.

Camelia also loves the music of Bob Marley, and the staff of the coffee shop has decided to please her, playing only the greatest hits of the Jamaican singer. In this way, Camelia is in the right mood to transgress and have fun. The staff is really very friendly and will always be able to advise you about what to smoke.

I would like to recommend to you all two things if you come to Amsterdam in search of pleasure and fun: the first thing is an evening in the Basjoe coffee shop. Unplug your cell phone and enjoy the evening with Jamaican music and spinels. Stress will disappear immediately.

The second piece of advice is to have sex with the beautiful Camelia, she is the best escort I’ve tried in recent years, and I’m sure she will never disappoint you.

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