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Melisa great escort


Escort Girl In Amsterdam, 25 years old from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Melissa is the Amsterdam blonde escort that all Amsterdam customers loves. Melissa is a joyful escort girl, has an incredible smile, is young, has a perfect body and already has a remarkable experience as a senior escort. The blond hurricane has long hair, a smile that can seduce anyone and a seductive look even without makeup. Melissa really loves her life, being desired by many men, making people excited, making love and being paid for it.
Thanks to her escort job, Melissa can buy all the clothes she wants, drive a sports car, enter every boutique and buy everything and live in an apartment in the center of Amsterdam that she has furnished with extreme taste, inspired by the Orient, with precious silks, mosaics, kimono, Persian rugs, and comfortable sofas.
Melissa really loves physical contact with her clients, kissing escort service, hugging and talking about her lives, she is a loyal and loyal friend, who knows how to keep secrets and who is able to realize every fantasy, even the strangest ones if the price is suitable. “Everyone has a price” – is not just a motto, it is a real philosophy of life for Melissa. Her rate for extra services is high, and every man knows it well. Melissa loves a lot of money because they are the best way to have her lifestyle, to live the pleasure, and to have lots of friends.
Melissa is perfect for those looking for a woman who loves luxury, capricious, unpredictable, professional but with a tremendous rebellious nature.

Mellisa is a cute little sweet but very polite female escort who can make you feel great with the help of her mouth. There are some people who come and choose to meet her because they like what they see in her pictures gallery and others because they have heard that she has a sensuous voice and unique moves and who knows how to resurrect any feeling in intimacy and not only.
But they all come back for the same reason: because they have experienced interesting moments, sensuality in the purest form, sympathy, in her deepest place. If you are looking for this, you certainly find it, and she is ready to come late at night into a nice, very quiet apartment or a reserved hotel room, where you will certainly not regret it. All you have to do right now is to call this number and ask for her


Do you like the idea of having an intimate and private dinner with Melissa in one of the best clubs in Amsterdam? If you want to realize this idea, then you just have to book a table in the best restaurant in Amsterdam, the Italian restaurant “Le Due Sicilie,” which only cooks Italian food, Melissa’s favorite food.
She will appreciate the dinner with you, you will talk about your secrets, she will be beautiful, seductive, intelligent, witty, unique, she will be Melissa.


Melissa was not born in Amsterdam, but loves the Dutch capital and knows every corner of the city entirely. Her favorite place is the Jordaan neighborhood, and you can walk with her all over the city and Melissa will make you the most envied man in Holland wearing her best dress just for you.
Melissa is also available for dinners, social events, business meetings, theater evenings and much more, and her charm will always make her shine.


If you want to try Melissa’s talent in bed, then you only have to do one thing: book a warm and luxurious room in one of the best hotels in Amsterdam, the Arcade Hotel. In the privacy of the suite, you will be able to see her naked body, her talent in the preliminaries and much more, with the utmost respect for your privacy and lots of love.
Showering is mandatory before and after sex, Melissa loves extra-fine condoms and kindness.