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Proffesional Escort Blonde Lucky

Lucky is a blonde and young escort girl, whom we have selected from many candidates to join our team of top escorts. Lucky has impressed us for her mindset, she is smart, has a dominant mentality and has clear objectives in her mind.
Lucky escort in Hotel Amsterdam
Lucky wants to live to the fullest, have everything in life and have no regrets in thirty years. Real life is now, and she is determined to get the most out of every circumstance.
Lucky lives in a luxurious penthouse in the center of Amsterdam and wears only expensive clothes, only once for every garment, and she loves the necklaces of solid gold very much.
Gold is a social status for her, the gold of her jewels, her shoes, her clothes, and her golden blonde hair are all social signs that make everyone understand that she is the dominant female and that every man he must treat it with the utmost respect.
Lucky girl escort amsterdam
Lucky is an extremely professional escort, who adapts to the requests of all customers, but who do not want to cross the line; otherwise, she becomes a cat that scratches and defends herself. The rudest customers were rejected by Lucky and learned a valuable lesson about respect.
Lucky is the best escort for those who want a reliable and unconventional woman.
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Lucky likes to dine in many clubs in Amsterdam, but her favorite is the Visaandeschelde because she loves fresh fish. If you want to impress and start the evening in the best way, then book a table in this restaurant and give Lucky a romantic and relaxing evening, she will be polite, kind, a real girlfriend experience for you, to create the best atmosphere for your private meeting in the hotel.
Lucky loves to drink white wine and the charismatic man.


Lucky was born and raised in Amsterdam and knows all the places in the city, and you can visit them all with her. Her favorite place is undoubtedly the Heineken Experience, the museum of the famous beer brand, an example of innovation that Lucky admires a lot.
She is also available for social events and business meetings, and will always be beautiful and professional escort.


This service is Lucky’s specialty. She hates having sex with clients in a car or on a couch, Lucky is used to luxury and wealth, so the best way to have sex with her is to book one of the suites in one of the best hotels in the Dutch capital, or the Trianon Hotel Amsterdam.

Lucky will wear a sexy and elegant outfit, it will be beautiful and perfect for you and will turn one evening into an unforgettable experience.

Our protocol requires maximum cleanliness and personal hygiene, the girl must be able to do constant showers and provide condoms for every sexual activity, including oral.
Lucky has the right to refuse sexual practices that she does not like or have not previously agreed.

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Lucky Amsterdam Escort Blonde


3 reviews for “Lucky

Overall Rating: 5
  • Yesterday afternoon I booked 8 hours with Lucky for Amsterdam City Tour, a nice dinner and some hot love :). I chose her as an escort because her photos and profile description have attracted my curiosity. The staff of the site and Lucky were very professional and managed my request in the best way, even with little notice, and the first contact with Lucky was via phone, she called me when she was in the taxi I guess because of the background noise of the car, her voice was pleasant and sensual.
    I told the Staff my requests as they already asked me if I already know the places of the tour and if I had preferences for the outfit, and I gave my ideas. They promised that she would do her best to satisfy my request (a standard application, silver heels, and a black suit, an elegant and sensual look at the same time) and I must say that Lucky satisfied my requests by wearing a nice black suit and very high heels silver. Walking with those shoes was not comfortable, but Lucky did it for me, and I appreciated that.
    We visited the Heineken Experience, and Lucky explained to me some of the famous beer brand’s commercial strategies and I must confess that the girl thinks very well and is very smart.
    My day was perfect, and now I want to book the Amsterdam Hotel Service and Lucky, and I have already planned what we will do in our room for my next trip. Lucky has a special gift, she can make me feel loved all the time, and I appreciate her talent.
    I can not wait to have sex with her again, because Lucky is not an escort, she’s a real girlfriend.

    I have to say that I am very much in punctuality and Lucky has been delayed for 30 minutes and I was a little nervous at the first 10 minutes but she called me after when in the taxi and explained, I understand that the problem was actually because of traffic on the streets of Amsterdam. This is all I have to object for this meeting.

    Thank you, Silvio Napoletano!

      By: Admin | 6 years ago

      Dear Silvio, Lucy was positively excited about the beautiful words of this review, and she gave us positive feedback about her experience with you. Customers like you are the reason why we started this service, and Lucky is happy to have made you live real emotions.
      Lucky has promised that your night and love will be even more unforgettable and has already prepared a new outfit just for you.
      We thank you for the beautiful words and for having appreciated the beauty of Lucky. We are sorry for the delay; it is not the fault of the girl but rather of ours that we did not consider the possibility of the traffic.

    By: Haller | 5 years ago

    LUCKY is very good looking and hot but not cooperative. She was busy with only sucking, and after that, she was gone away after 45 minutes, not one hour as she told me first by phone, but ok.