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Escort Girl In Amsterdam, 24 years old from Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Insignia is a fantastic Escort girl here in Amsterdam. She is very beautiful and much better looking in reality than her pictures. Stunning body and very cute face. She is highly recommended by our Escort Agency of Amsterdam and you will understand why when you will meet her!!! You will have a great time and surely you will revisit Insignia soon. She knows how to make you feel relaxed and at ease. Treat her well – she is that lovely girl who will teach you what passion means!


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Overall Rating: 4.7

    By: Thomas | 12 months ago

    I made this reservation with her for only one hour, initially, but I told the agency that if it is ok, I would like her to stay for more. When I met this gorgeous blonde girl in person in the lobby, I was honestly excited, and my legs were shaking :)). This girl is so attractive and so sexy that she intimidated me, and I couldn’t find the words to talk to her, so I took her in my arms and kissed her, so my strong emotion to stay hidden. It is indescribable in terms, and I think that only a meeting can express the unique feelings I felt. Meeting this girl was exceptional; she truly is a magical girl. I spent 5 hours with her, the most exciting time with a girl I didn’t know, but with which I spent more intense moments than many other girls I had known for a long time! A huge Thanks!

    Thank you!

    By: Sammy | 11 months ago

    I had a great experience with Insignia last week in Amsterdam! I joined on chat and made a reservation with her directly from her page. She came after one hour in my room, and I had wonderful moments with this gorgeous young blonde lady. I paid for 3 hours, and GFE was extra service, as we agreed, but the service was excellent, GFE is fantastic if you will take it! I’ll be back soon in Amsterdam, and I hope I will find her there!

    Great Experience!

    By: Zoltan | 9 months ago

    She is marvelous. I met her for 2h, and the first time we had an excellent connection time at the bar from the hotel. Paid separately for GFE service, and it’s worth it. She is smart and gorgeous, and I have a pleasant time with her. The only problem was that she did not want to try anal sex with me even though she initially promised me she was open to trying it, but it’s ok, and it was a successful meeting at the end. Thanks!