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Escort Girl In Amsterdam , 26 years old from Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Ilona is one of our few top Hungarian escorts and she is very pleased with her natural way of being when is in someone’s company. Ilona as seen in the photos has a wonderful face a sweet smile the perfect female features as if nature has endowed her so she can enjoy perfection. She is an extraordinary woman and loves to socialize and provide pleasant moments of her life experience, she is open and willing to explore new things that have a dose of positive madness. If you want the company of a beautiful escort who knows how to spoil you, then call for Ilona +31649864947

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Overall Rating: 5
    Denise yes yes yes!

    By: Vincent | 1 year ago

    Super mega-hard Ilona and I also loved her screems very much even I did not really understand what she was saying but I think it was in Hungarian language. A mad girl that I’ve been looking for her 3 weeks ago when I was in Amsterdam but I did not find her available. I hope next time darling. Ilona is a must have!

      By: Admin | 1 year ago

      You are welcome maybe next time. Thank you Vincent.

    Hey, there!

    By: Dean | 12 months ago

    I liked Ilona because she is an hot women without inhibitions knows what to offer and knows what to take from life. She wont waste too much time to make you go where you want. Shee does not speak well English but does not need as she is full of fire, ho hot hot. I`ll never forget her “screaming” 🙂

      By: Admin | 12 months ago

      We heard about her noisy habit, 🙂 You are welcome anytime! Thank you.