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Escort Girl In Amsterdam , 24 years old from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Ambra is one of our most beautiful top babe as seen in the photos she is full of joy and she is simply superb in her first way of acting not only how she looks and how she has an eroticism that you can only see and appreciated but we invite you to taste at least once in your life. Ambra is a hot blond with big fleshy lips full of desire and she makes her presence felt almost as soon as you know her from the moment she felt your eyes on her. This beautiful blonde Russian babe has many surprises to offer in her repertoire and we know for sure that you will surely enjoy everything in her presence. Surely the choice is one of the best so we congratulate you for this and we want you to fun in Ambra’s company. Call to: +31649864947 to make a reservation for her!

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Overall Rating: 4.8
    Ambra the great

    By: Daniel | 1 year ago

    I’m the first one who tasted from Ambra or just the first one who write 🙂 I’m joking :))
    I loved her movements very much and her childhood and cat’s style and her female techniques that make me feel strong man was unique for me. Thank you darling!

      By: Admin | 1 year ago

      You can recommend Ambra for your friends 🙂 I am sure she will apreciate it! 🙂
      Thank you Daniel.

    Yes Ambra was great indeed

    By: Andy | 1 year ago

    I arrived in Amsterdam on July 15, 2017 and I called the agency because I have been watching Ambra for some time on the site. At first I had the unpleasant situation to wait more then 30 minutes and just when I was angry enough and wanted to call the agency and cancel the reservation, Ambra knocked at the door door. I opened and she was there with a innocent smile big and beautiful eyes and top of the top was her “big lower lip” in the sign of please forgive me. That conquered me and I smiled, and the rest was splendid.. We started with left but finished with wow!!! However, for the delay I only give 4 stars even if for the rest I could have given her 7 stars!

      By: admin | 1 year ago

      We are sorry for the delay! The driver says it was delayed by traffic, we do not apologize you are right but we promise not to repeat it again. We are happy however that the experience has been in a great way and we wish you a pleasant stay in Amsterdam and a return as quickly as possible you can. Thank you!