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Escort Girl In Amsterdam , 26 years old from Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Alessia is an explosive and unpredictable blonde in whose company you can spoil all the pre-set ideas in your head and in whose company you will live something truly unique. Her body and dangerous shapes are sculpted as if ordered by the goddess of beauty, and her availability for the pleasures of life makes her ready to go anywhere “planned” into your mind, she can take you to that hidden paradise! If you are ready for this unique experience do not forget to bring your driving license because will fit comfortably with you and start on that imaginary journey. She likes to make every encounter always unique and memorable and has patience with every man in her life dedicating herself slowly but surely from first sight to passionate kisses, loving passion and more intense pleasure and even extreme action when it must. If you want a date with Alessia, all you have to do is ask for her so please call at

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Overall Rating: 5
    A sweet woman

    By: Leonardo | 7 years ago

    Alessia is really an educated, sexy girl good girl but also bad girl when need and her movements are sensational. It’s definitely an inspired choice, at least for me it was one, as expected so now I’m realy waiting for a new Amsterdam vacation

      By: admin | 7 years ago

      Thank you for you feedback Leonardo!