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Alexis is a new girl escort in our agency arriver in Amsterdam, initially for a product presentation as a model, then fell in love with the beautiful places of Amsterdam and of course, with lobbies and unhampered entertainment. Alexis loves gentleman, and she likes to make love, and of course she is an open-minded woman willing for many pleasures even for side A, anal sex, of course, she has the final decision, in this case, also depending on her partner it treats her but it depends on the size and length of the “situation” 🙂

Alexis has sexy forms that stimulate imagination at first glance and is definitely one of the most beautiful escorts that build with our escort agency in Amsterdam. Alexis is very young escort, but she is not devoid of experience in this area, she is inexpensive because she is very sociable and positive, and in her company you are dreaming that you are the same age as her, namely twenty-one, and this will help you get close to her childish yet sensual nature and you will experience every fantasy at maximum and blood flows through the veins at the highest speed.

Alexis is a very sexy and sexy girl at the same time, she really likes what she does, and she is the greatest asset in her professionalism because she gets involved to meet any fancy because she feeds with every moment of shared pleasure. Make a present today and book a date with Alexis to spend unique and hot moments with this quality escort with velvety leather.

A meeting with Alexi will not only be a sexual one, but she will be able to stay in your mind for a long time, even if you are a shy man, nothing will stop her in communicating her positivity and well-being.

So if you are here to have fun, Alexis is here for that reason too.

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5 reviews for “Alexis

Overall Rating: 4.8
    Awesome Girl friend experience!

    By: Gabriel | 7 months ago

    I do not keep track of the number of times I used the services of escorts, but every time I ask for a normal service, I meant normal sex with condom and oral sex without. With Alexis was something else because in the high school I had a colleague girl and I was in love with her but unfortunately I did not have the courage to tell her until I found out that she was married … The girlfriend experience with Alexis was an intense one and I felt every second for the fact that she is a great woman and I say this not only for the aspect but also for the behavioral physical way if being. I spent five hours for which I have the maximum congratulatory note. Thank you my love!

    ANAL sex failed!

    By: Zenur | 7 months ago

    I wanted to try an anal sex service, and even if I was agree to pay even 200 euros, Alexis refused on the reason that I had big penis, which is true but I tried to explain that I will be gentle , and even so I did not manage to convince her, motivating me, she will risk to hurt her ass. I did not agree with her, but I respected her decision, of course. It made me an oral sex ok, but my fantasy for anal sex still failed to finish it unfortunately …

    Lovely Alexis top bj!

    By: Dorian | 7 months ago

    I do not really like to write, but I promised I would do it if Alexis’s service would be a good one. By this review I confirm that it was a perfect time and I slept like a baby until morning when I woke up yet with the sensation of oral sex of the goddess of love that Alexis did to me. I hope next time, can we try anal sex, please?!


    By: Valentino Saligari | 7 months ago

    Una ragazza meravigliosa che sa sorridere e farti sentire rilassato e felice. Și che È una ragazza bellissima, ma è una delle poche belle escort che sa come succhiare il cazzo molto bene. Un pompino di 10. Grazie.

    Alexis opened mind and complete girl!

    By: Sautik Banerjee | 7 months ago

    I have tested all kinds of women in most of the capitals of Europe because I travel a lot. I’m sure some of them were okay, but no escort has satisfied all my needs just as I would have liked. In search of the perfect companion dame, I had the opportunity to be with dozens of women, mainly because I wanted to find those that would meet my expectation.
    I finally found this girl in Amsterdam two days ago, on a site where I find girls usually when travel, namely I was impressed by the way she looks and then the vast number of extra services she offers, especially since I wanted most of them. I especially liked the quality of how she was doing the erotic massage. I am delighted that after long searches, I managed to find what I needed for my fantasies.
    I decided to come back with this mention; perhaps it can help readers later.